new CD, Sweet Green Mystery

My new CD, Sweet Green Mystery, is out.  You can find it on this website and buy it through CD Baby.  It will be on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify sometime in the next two weeks.  It's a solo CD this time, and I do all the singing and also play the Weissenborn acoustic lap steel slide guitar.  On two the songs, "Mystical Sludge and the Used Car Blues" and "Among the Skulls and Mango Vines", I play a National Resophonic Style 1 Tricone.  The official CD release party will be sometime in September, more information to be announced. 

I want to acknowledge Sherry Houpt for all her support and for taking all the photographs on the CD; Debbie Shelton, Cameron and Judy McMillen, Nancy and Bill Marmion, LeeAnn Sloane, Alice Ann and John Dailey, Ben Harms, and many others for supporting me by coming to my shows.  I want to thank Jacque Forsher for suggesting the title of the CD.  I want to also acknowledge Paul Osborn of Audio Dallas for recording and mixing and George Guerin of DES Mastering for mastering and refining the CD.  A special thanks goes out to Amy Harms, without whose help and inspiration this CD would not have been possible.

You can find all the lyrics for the CD on this website.

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