New Album: The Power of Small Things 

The Power of Small Things is my new album.  Check it out here or on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music.  Featuring Amy Harms, Solvay Linde, and Chirag Gokani.  One of my best.

Blues Explosion: Strictly Tablue 

The Blues thing exploded and became a full band and a new album: Strictly Tablue.  To be released on February 22nd on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.  I gathered together the best blues players I knew: Kevin Taylor on lead guitar, Marion Glorioso on vocals, Chirag Gokani on bass, Collin Katz on rhythm and lead guitar, and Mike Camerata on drums.  We chose some great classic blues songs by some of the best blues artists of all time and made the recording at Dallas Audio in early January.  It was an experience…

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The new big thing: Blues 

The new big thing at our (Chirag and I) gigs these days are the blues songs.  Chirag sets down a bass line on the looper pedal and then solos off of that.  Meanwhile I sing and play the harmonica.  Chirag plays incredible bass solos and people LOVE the harmonica.  Great fun and lots of applause. 

Another new thing is my use of pedals.  I use a reverb pedal on one instrumental and when I play the tricone through my amp I use CMATmods Sigma Drive.  It's a boost pedal that makes the tricone growl. 

The last…

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New Album: White Rock Lake, born from hard work and pain and album release party 

My new album, White Rock Lake, is set to be released on February 16th!  It is an album born from hard work and at times, literal pain.  My friend Chirag Gokani plays the Fender Precision bass and takes six of the songs to a whole new level.  Four of these are instrumentals.  He often uses the bass as a lead instrument, playing solos that beautifully fit the chord progressions.  Sooo talented!  Makes me cry to listen to him.  Michelle Stroescu, my church-singing buddy, sings beautifully on two of the…

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Hernia operation and Global Village Market with Michelle Stroescu 

I had to have a hernia operation, not at all fun, especially the recovery.  So I can't schedule any solo gigs for the month of October.  It takes time to get over this!  And I can't carry anything heavy, like my Bose or my metal bodied tricone or much other stuff. 

However, I am really looking forward to playing at the Global Village Market with Michelle Stroescu sitting in on some of the songs.  Michelle is a terrific singer.  If you look under videos on this website, you will be able to see and hear us…

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Gigs in New Mexico and next 8/3 at the Wine Therapist 

I've had four wonderful gigs this summer in Taos, New Mexico.  I played outside at Eske's Brew Pub, a great time, but I didn't take long enough breaks.  Lesson learned.  Then I played for the fourth time at the Adobe Bar at the Historic Taos Inn, another wonderful time.  After that, I played at at the Taos Tap Room.  This was a special night because the audience included Judy and Cameron McMillen and also Matt and Evelyn Cardillo all the way from Vermont.  Matt is an old college friend who also plays…

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more tales of the new album, Just This Moment 

Wow, putting out an album can sometimes be difficult!  In my last post I said there would be two blues covers.  Well, they were both recorded and mastered, and the album was ready to be put into production, but the licensing wasn't finished.  I got Forty Days and Forty Nights by Bernard Roth okayed without too much trouble.  The other song, Crescent City Blues by Gordon Jenkins, was another matter entirely.  The music from this song had been ripped off a long time ago by Johnny Cash to make Folsom Prison…

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New CD and gigs in Taos, New Mexico 

A lot has happened since my last post.  The latest: I just finished recording my new album at Audio Dallas Recording Studio with Paul Osborn as the recording engineer.  There are eleven songs, including two blues covers sung by my old singing partner, Amy Harms.  Two of the songs are instrumentals.  Also, I am playing three times in Taos, New Mexico, this summer.  Check the calendar for details.

Upcoming gigs and album release party 

I'm excited to report that I'll be playing at the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake on September 3rd from 7-8:30.  It's for a big art opening of works by 60 artists who will be featured during the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour.  There should be around 400 people in attendance. 

On September 15 I'll have my album release party at the Wine Therapist.  I'll play all the songs from my new album, Sweet Green Mystery.  CD's will available for a cost of $0, free while they last.  Showtime will…

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New Mexico Tour 

We recently spent five weeks in New Mexico, and while I was there I played five gigs. 

The first was at SOMOS, the Society of the Muse of the Southwest.  This is the literary society of Taos.  I played at the Gala Grand Opening of their new building.  They had authors reading works from various genres all day and into the evening.  I played in the middle of 14 published poets, just 4 songs, but it was amazing.  There were probably about 40 or 50 people in the room, and they listened carefully. It was just…

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new CD, Sweet Green Mystery 

My new CD, Sweet Green Mystery, is out.  You can find it on this website and buy it through CD Baby.  It will be on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify sometime in the next two weeks.  It's a solo CD this time, and I do all the singing and also play the Weissenborn acoustic lap steel slide guitar.  On two the songs, "Mystical Sludge and the Used Car Blues" and "Among the Skulls and Mango Vines", I play a National Resophonic Style 1 Tricone.  The official CD release party will be sometime in September, more…

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