New Mexico Tour

We recently spent five weeks in New Mexico, and while I was there I played five gigs. 

The first was at SOMOS, the Society of the Muse of the Southwest.  This is the literary society of Taos.  I played at the Gala Grand Opening of their new building.  They had authors reading works from various genres all day and into the evening.  I played in the middle of 14 published poets, just 4 songs, but it was amazing.  There were probably about 40 or 50 people in the room, and they listened carefully. It was just like playing in church.

My next gig was at the Adobe Bar at the Historic Taos Inn.  It's been there since about 1880 and has seen the likes of Georgia O'Keefe, D.H. Lawrence, and Dennis Hopper.  A bunch of people I knew came to hear me play, including my grandchildren Toby and Amy, my daughter Jessica and her husband Chris (down from Denver), Cameron and Judy McMillen (over from Angel Fire), Jim and Mary Wilcox (up from Santa Fe), and of course Sherry, my wife.  Very enjoyable.  I played there twice more later in the month.  The last time was the best musically and generated a lot of interest and tips. 

My third gig was at Taos Mesa Brewing, out on the road to the Rio Grande gorge.  I played outside, in the afternoon.  It was a little warm and occasionally windy but again a lot of fun.  I played a lot of blues at that one.

Altogether a great experience.

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