From the recording The Power of Small Things

Played on the Tony Francis Weissenborn in open D. Music and lyrics by Stephen Houpt.


Slanting sunlight lit the attic’s old beams and planks
With a yellow brown glow
She thought of Willis; he always walked this time of day
Something about the afternoon light of fall
The rich glow on tree trunks, the deep blue clear air
Something about fall and poetry
Beautiful but intensely sad
Leaves, some green, some brown,
Hanging or lying in piles
All lit with beams of golden light
Willis, out walking, feeling the earth
Writing with the movement of his breath
Seeing the interplay of shadows on the ground
Dimensions flowing with the air
She looked through the attic window
At the apple trees outside
Those apples sure look red
Maybe pick one for Willis
That big red one up there,
When he returns home whisper in his ear
This is a poem for you my dear