Hey Neighbor

Stephen Houpt and Amy Harms

These songs are poetry set to music, performed with beautiful vocals and 1927 Weissenborn acoustic lap steel slide guitar.

All the songs on this CD were originally poems. Many of them were written at times when I was going through heartbreak and loss. Others are a celebration of life. Some are both. I wrote all the music on this CD. Amy Elhoff Harms is the vocalist on nine of the songs and Amy and I sing the other four songs together. Amy actually was my neighbor. When she moved in across the street, my musical life changed. I could not have written these songs without her inspiration and support. I play a 1927 Weissenborn hollow neck acoustic lap steel guitar on eleven of the songs, a 1935 dobro on “A Relationship Sandwich”, and a 2013 Lazy River Weissenborn on “A Man Entranced”. -Stephen Houpt

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