Stephen Houpt

Voices in the Wind

Michelle Stroescu and Stephen Houpt
Todd Jeffries and Stephen Houpt


Michell Stroescu is the amazing vocalist.  I play a Tony Francis Weissenborn.  My old friend, the brilliant poet Todd Jeffries, wrote the lyrics.  I wrote the music.



I dream about the


that grew

among the weeds out back.

Shirts flapping on a clothesline

near a jacked-up Cadillac.

Baseball kids yelling from a vacant lot,

many years ago,

long time passing

many years ago

Behind a row house

there is an old garage.

The sun is streaming in

through a dusty window

Inside, a smell of earth

and oil,

there’s a pleasing dampness

to the soil.

Many years ago

Long time passing

many years ago

A rake stands in one corner,

I find a hammer,

a forgotten wrench.

A spider ponders cooler nights

as she crawls across a bench.

Is that the sound of voices,

or just some dry vines

shaking on a fence?

It’s only dead leaves swirling

Many years ago

Long time passing

Many years ago