Stephen Houpt

White Rock Lake

by Stephen Houpt and Friends

Released 2018
Stephen Houpt
Released 2018
Stephen Houpt
Original songs and instrumentals played on a 1927 Weissenborn acoustic lap steel slide guitar and also a Tony Francis Weissenborn. Electric bass solos by Chirag Gokani; vocals by Michelle Stroescu. Very relaxing and meditative music.
  • 03:06 Story Waves at White Rock
  • 03:19 Story Lyrics The Wind Harp Sings

    the wind-eyed man and silent dog

    dark and gentle like a warm night wind

    the wind-eyed man and silent dog

    dark and gentle like a warm night wind

    white clouds movin in a warm night

    white clouds in a warm night

    sittin by my friend

    white clouds in a warm night

    white clouds in a warm night

    white clouds in a warm night

    and the wind harp sings



  • 04:45 Story The Professor Is Flying
  • 04:06 Story Lyrics White Rock Lake

    Across the green water

    and white capped waves

    under wind blown clouds

    through flocks of gulls

    past the fishermen

    and the wooden pier

    and the geese and ducks

    and white billed coots

    past the sailboats

    and the bare white limbs

    of the sycamore

    on the other shore

    sun spotlights the shining

    copper towers of the city

  • 03:40 Story In the Quiet
  • 03:45 Story Lyrics Songs Drifting Through

    These songs could drift through anytime

    After all the myths blew away

    And we saw our own illusions too    

    And all that desire in between


    There is a need to fill the void

    We all want to know what to do

    I’m going home to see my mama

    Her lovin’ words will see me through


    Three hundred yards across the slow water

    Beneath the singing sycamores

    This steamy July day

    It was just like this two centuries ago     

    We expected to see Indians

    When we scrambled up on the muddy banks of Maryland

    But there was nobody, not even a canoe

    We decided to swim back

    There was nothing else to do

  • 03:18 Story Lyrics Quiet

    Distinct clouds move slowly

    A slight patter of rain

    The wind in trees

    And through eaves

    And then, stillness,

    And quiet.

    Quiet like looking

    At a vast white wall.

  • 03:15 Story Lyrics Voices in the Wind


    I dream about the


    that grew

    among the weeds out back.

    Shirts flapping on a clothesline

    near a jacked-up Cadillac.

    Baseball kids yelling from a vacant lot,

    many years ago,

    long time passing

    many years ago

    Behind a row house

    there is an old garage.

    The sun is streaming in

    through a dusty window

    Inside, a smell of earth

    and oil,

    there’s a pleasing dampness

    to the soil.

    Many years ago

    Long time passing

    many years ago

    A rake stands in one corner,

    I find a hammer,

    a forgotten wrench.

    A spider ponders cooler nights

    as she crawls across a bench.

    Is that the sound of voices,

    or just some dry vines

    shaking on a fence?

    It’s only dead leaves swirling

    Many years ago

    Long time passing

    Many years ago

  • 02:51 Story Lyrics Caruth Park

    Clusters of new leaves

    filter sunlight like families

    of translucent children

    while mothers sit like

    the long curved trunks

    of the circle of trees

  • 05:02 Story Debbie and Carrie
This is my fourth album in the last four years. I play a 1927 Weissenborn on five tracks and a Tony Francis Weissenborn on the other five tracks. All songs are original. Chirag Gokani plays Fender Precision bass on six of the songs. He is an incredibly talented musician. There are four instrumentals. Michelle Stroescu sings on two tracks, and I sing on four tracks. This music is genre-defying, but it is beautiful, relaxing, and meditative.