Stephen Houpt

Just This Moment

by Stephen Houpt

Released 2017
Released 2017
I play original acoustic lap style slide guitar, Weissenborn and National tricone..
This album is a combination of blues and folk style instrumentals and songs played on a 1927 Weissenborn and a modern National tricone, acoustic lap steel slide guitars. I wrote the lyrics to some of the songs and the music to all of the songs except Forty days and Forty Nights. That is a song by Bernard Roth, sung beautifully by Amy Harms. All of the songs with lyrics (except Forty Days and Forty Nights) began their lives as poems. The instrumental that begins the album was written about the time Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher died, hence the title. The lyrics for Zendo Crickets were written by my old friend, Todd Jeffries. The lyrics for three of the songs were written by Chinese poets of the 8th and 11th centuries Pei Ti, Wang Wei, and Li Ching Chao.